Microsoft has been changing recently, and I like it. I had lost almost all confidence in the company, but with their recent developments, Windows 10, the virtual reality stuff, the conference/meeting screen the new Microsoft is what I wished it had been (when they launched Windows 8).

Earlier in a blog post, I mentioned about converting time between UNIX and Windows time. It had really proven to be a had nut to crack but it finally did.

So what's new? In the upcoming dotNET 4.6 Preview which is going all open source (like this), they have added support for converting DateTime to/from UNIX time. Yeah! I do not have to keep using the previous method and keep wondering if it is all that perfect.

This means the WebApi you build in C# and the Android app built in Java will have seamless communication especially in terms of filtering data from the WebApi to Android. You can read more on the what is in dotNET Framework 4.6 Preview.

Worth a mention in this post, Microsoft now allows multi platform development in more than one way. This includes android emulator built into Visual Studio 2015 (preview) and ASP.NET projects can now be built, managed and hosted/run on non-Windows computers. Well obviously some other tools will be required. The one thing I'd like to see though is a Visual Studio version for Mac.