I have been blogging not so often in blogger.com. I decided to move to a more serious thing which is where you are now reading this post.

I am not yet all that too experienced in the fields that I specialize it but the little knowledge I have could help a lot more people if I shared it. That was the reason I had started blogging but due to other commitments, I wasn't able to post with the frequency that I would have liked.

Blogger.com feels so 1990s, (oops! sorry Google) so much so that it would have taken me too many hours to get the blog to lock different. The interface is not too nice. I also hated that I had Google stuff too integrated. Of course, I do not work for Google and I do need an option. Someone tell me why blogger has not grown from the 1990s into 2015.

I have moved the few blogs I already had in the previous blog but not the comments. Surprisingly, the comments section of Blogger was the best designed but I hate that it was tied to Google+. Not everyone is pro-Google!

So I moved to ghost and am now running it as part of the websites that I have on Azure. I must mention, the services at Azure are just awesome. Among the wide fields of cloud service, I could get a fully managed service or I could choose to do a custom service which I manage for myself. That flexibility, I haven't found at AWS or Google, but it is a personal preference. I'll blog more on Azure later, you can check at the top of the blog for a link.

Until today, I had not created a comments section. But I am surprised that it took me less than 1 hour with no prior knowledge at all. Keep up ghost contributors for making the engine so easy to use and modify.

From me now it to welcome you to the new blog and welcome your comments and suggestions.